Brisket – Fire Mantle


24 x 16 x 2″

Estimate 12 Week

(max file size 650 MB)



Black Walnut
Hard Maple
Padauk; Exotic


Edge Grain = Long, beautiful running grains. Face grain, long grain.

End Grain = Self Healing, less visible knife marks. Some studies say it keeps knives sharper longer but other studies have shown that knives see no real difference between the two grains. Darker in color; book matched pattern.

Care & Maintenance for each grain are the same.
Please understand that not all blocks are the same. Each hardwood will vary in its color from light to dark. While the listing image is true to your pattern & the hardwoods used, your block could look different based on the slab of wood pulled for your order.


ADDITIONAL ENGRAVING such as your logo, name or message can be added for additional cost. Engravings are all cut away and filled with an epoxy resin of your choice. Engrave only is available for a standard engraving and no epoxy fill. Blocks are sanded and finished witha smooth flat finish. Engraving add-no’s will receive a mockup for approval before cutting.

Wood is always a more solid, secure substance – please know that over time, epoxy resin will take a good hit when using sharp knives & select your placement wisely

*Please attach a high resolution JPG or PDF for additional engraving. We can create a logo but can refer to a designer if needed. Please no copyright images such as business logos or teams. Names and or initials will offer a variety of fonts when your block has been built.

With all engraving there is a chance of a mistake or error to occur – while you will not be responsible, block rebuilds may be necessary resulting in a delay and longer shipping time.


We build blocks for the griller! We spend a lot of time researching the best woods, sizes and options for the Pit Master. We are a made in America family business and we have a pit of our own! We ensure these blocks are made with pristine quality are hand made one at a time. We also offer customization for your logo or name

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs