STOCK : American Flag B&W, Medium


22 x 12.5 x 2″
Medium, End Grain

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Stars are filled with food grade white pearl epoxy resin

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22 x 12.5 x 2″

Block Includes
+ Juice Groove
+ Hand Grooves
+ 4 black rubber feet

Choice of 50 Stars Epoxy Inlay in union or solid block with no stars


STOCK block is built – please allow our team
1-2 weeks to ship with no additional engraving
2-4 weeks with star & or additional personalization


Black Walnut
Hard Maple

Black and White Stripes (Black=Walnut, White=Maple)

We use the best hardwoods for your blocks. You won’t find any bamboo or acacia here!


End Grain:  Self Healing, less visible knife marks. Some studies say it keeps knives sharper longer but other studies have shown that knives see no real difference between the two grains.
**Care & Maintenance for each grain are the same.


STOCK : Your block is freshly built and in the process of finishing! Please allow our team 4 weeks to ship your block. Additional personalization may require additional time.

Customize your block with ideas such as your name, initials, signature, logo or brand, family crest . Image may be uploaded but not necessary. All personalization will receive a mockup for approval before cut. Text personalization will receive several font options to choose from. Our engravings can be left engrave only or filled a food grade epoxy resin, color of your choice. In respect of copyright, we do ask for written approval on images that are trademarked.


We build blocks for the griller! We spend a lot of time researching the best woods, sizes and options for the Pit Master. We are a Made-In-America family business and we have a pit of our own! We ensure these blocks are made with pristine quality. Offering customization on all blocks.

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