Tennessee State Flag

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XLarge – 30 x 20 x 2″ | Brisketeer – 24 x 18 x 2″
Walnut-Maple-Cherry | Edge Grain
Hand Grooves | Juice Groove

12 Week Estimate

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Tennessee State Flag

Your TN Block comes engraved and filled with the star field in the center.  The stars represent the three geographically and legally distinct Grand Divisions of Tennessee (i.e. East Tennessee,  Middle Tennessee,  West Tennessee).  The blue circle around the stars represents the unity of those grand divisions. You’ll love your Tennessee cutting board!

XLarge – 30 x 20 x 2″
Brisketeer – 24 x 18 x 2″



Black Walnut
Hard Maple


Edge Grain: Long, beautiful running grains. Face grain, long grain.

*All hardwoods vary in color, producing the lightest to darkest in their specific field. Each block is unique and no two are the same. Please understand that while the overall pattern will be similar to your choice, the wood color and grains presented will vary. This is solely dependent on our supply and the slab of wood pulled for your block. We do not control the overall color variation or grain pattern provided to us by the lumber. We simply build blocks and stand by each one in quality. Please know that the variations of each board out-numbers our ability to show in a single product listing. Where knots are present black epoxy may be used to secure the location.


We estimate 12 weeks, however these are hand-made, one at a time. We watch how the wood acclimates through the build. Sometimes late in the process we need to replace parts to ensure it is built just right. Because of this and other factors involved in hand-making your board we ask for patience in building. This is not our goal and we try hard to get them out as fast as possible while still maintaining our high quality standard. No two blocks are the same.  While images shown represent your block as a whole, grain chosen and lumber supply will play the biggest factor in your final block appearance.


We offer two types of personalization with your logo, name or message: CNC or Laser.
CNC Engraving
CNC Engraving is done with a CNC router and then filled with food-safe epoxy of your color choice.
— or —
Laser Engraving
We’ve added this more affordable option for you to customize your block. This option burns in your customization with very high definition and a shallow depth. This is also a great option for very high, detailed logos or engravings.


We build blocks for the griller! We spend a lot of time researching the best woods, sizes and options for the Pit Master. We are a made in America family business and we have a pit of our own! We ensure these blocks are made of the highest quality and are hand-made one at a time. We also offer customization for your logo or name!

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Weight 26 lbs
Block Size

XLarge, Brisketeer

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