Getting Started

Take your block inside as soon as possible!

Oil Your Block!
Bring your block inside to a climate-controlled room and unbox it within 24 hours after receiving.

Oil & Maintenance
This is THE most important part of prolonging the life and beauty of your block!

We recommend and sell our own board conditioning oil – RWB Oil 16oz for $19.99. It is an awesome combination of bees wax and mineral oil. A little bit of this goes a long way.

Caring For Your Blocks

Pour a palm-size of oil in the center of the board, cover every part of the wood surface in oil. Let it soak for at least 30 mins (overnight doesn’t hurt!) then wipe excess with a towel.

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How Often
When “you” first receive is the most important time to oil it. You can’t oil it too much especially early on! For the first 2 months, we recommend you oil your block weekly top and bottom. Moving forward oil your block whenever it looks dry and at the least once a month.

Cleaning Your Blocks


  • Scrape off big pieces to trash, scrub with warm running water with kitchen scrub or bristle brush and dish soap. (Do Not Submerge)
  • We commonly use a spray made of Thieves Essential Oil + Water solution.
  • Air Dry on Side, rotating the bottom side one time after some time.
  • Deodorize with vinegar & water mix or lemon rubbed across block.
  • Re-oil surfaces at least where soap was used.

Stain Removal

  • Mix 1 TBS hydrogen peroxide + 1 C warm water.
  • Dab solution onto stain with cloth, completely covering the stain.
  • Wipe down with wet cloth.

Your block is a natural element and it will react to its surroundings and most especially to humidity change. It’s consistently taking in and drying off the moisture surrounding it. Oil acts as a barrier to this and reduces this constant flux. If left without this barrier of the oil the constant moving can cause warming splitting and cracking. *Your block should be kept in a climate-controlled/ insulated structure where humidity is stable.

When storing your block, the oil may dry and put it at risk for the above problems. So be sure to store your block well-oiled on its side in a climate-controlled environment especially if stored for weeks at a time. Storing on its side allows for equal absorption and release of moisture.

Restoring Your Blocks

Over time your board may need a little restoring from knife marks, stains and just general use. When / if the time comes your have a couple options:

We do it for you…
Refurbishing your block is always a great way to keep it fresh and well maintained. Reach out to our team for this option.

Do It Yourself
Pick up some sandpaper 120, 220, and 320 grit. (borrow your hand friend’s sander or by hand works just fine!) Start with 120 grit. You will sand in 4 directions.

• Left to right
• Up and down
• Corner to corner
• Opposite corner to corner
• Move to 220 grit and repeat steps
• Move to 320 grit repeat…

Never leave your block outside or in any room that isn’t climate controlled or insulated from the elements.

• Never submerge your block for any period
• Never put in dishwasher
• Never leave under heat lamp
• Never store near heat source
• Never put hot skillet on epoxy inlay